Wednesday, 3 June 2009

ESCs, power wiring and fuses...

ESCs Mounted

At the top are the 2 electronic speed controllers, in the centre are the 2 fuses (1 40amp fuse for each controller). At the bottom is a test placement of the batteries, I've yet to make a mounting for them.


  1. out of interest, what are the batteries you are using?

  2. hello
    nice job i did not see where you install audrino and gyro i this pictur?

  3. SICK! you should post the pde for you audrino code once its all finished. im interested in making one thats a little more length on the board that could be ridden standing sideways like a skate board.

    it looks simple
    motors & controllers
    battery power
    audrino and sensors?

    is that seriously all it took?

    is it one audrino conrolling both motors?

  4. Hello my friend. I wonder what your email, how can I contact you. Thanks!

  5. Can u show the sprockets connection?

  6. Michael.G: what are the motor ctrl.what is the max Volt and Amp on them.could u please send me list of ctrl boards including model#.

    THX Mike

  7. This is a really cool machine! I am a huge fan of segways so huge I own my own florida tours company. Is it possible for you to make these for me so I can add them to my fleet?

  8. Great Job.
    I am building a single wheel skate board with Ardiuno to control the ESC for one motor. I am having a little trouble loading the correct code. Can I copy and past your code in to my Ardiuno UDO? I am new to this, I am sure you could tell. Thanks for the help.